Le petit ballon (Alsace, Vosges)
vu depuis l'Hôtel Restaurant Domaine Langmatt

Le petit ballon (Alsace, Vosges) le 02.04.2024 à 04:45
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I'll be Back : "Too much, too fast. Also, when I came to Hollywood, I
was alone, and I fell in with the wrong people. I married this great
woman, Gladys, and she gave me two lovely children, and then I got on
the wrong path. I think I made every mistake a man can make and live to
talk about it. But I learned, I got my family back, I got my live back
on track and I'm back, stronger than ever. Wait until you see Replicant.
I think lot of people are going to be surprised. We're going to have a
ninity dag shoot, really take our time to get things right. I really
believethat when I walk into Cannes Film Festival with this movie, I'll
be back as the biggest action star once again."
-+- Jean-Claude VanDamme -+-